A while back I told you I don’t know how I became a zombie. Still true. And I don’t know why I haven’t met any other zombies. Also still true, as far as I know. But I’ve been thinking about how a PI might discover zombies if there are any in the vicinity. Zombies, not PIs. If I could locate even one – again, zombie, not PI – we could compare our memories and circumstances, and maybe develop a Theory of Zombification.

First, a reality check:

Zombies 4
Likely real zombie
Zombie 4
Likelier real zombie

Zombies 2
Not real zombies

Clues for identifying zombies

  • Pale
  • Slow pulse
  • Eats brains
  • Doesn’t eat regular food
  • May keep traps
  • Probably lives alone
  • Probably single
  • May be a serial killer

Now that this A to Z Blogging Challenge has gotten me into the habit of writing [just about] every day, maybe I’ll start carrying a little notebook to jot down my observations. Keep a List of Likely Zombies.

Before I go – I gotta apologize to Curtis. I know I said:

“…by midnight PDT.” Romero Russo

At 10:38 pm PDT, I decided to take a nap because… rebel. Even against myself. Raw, honest rebellion.

What can I say?



4 thoughts on “Zombification

  1. Totally forgiven, Romero. I was of course at my computer a few minutes before the specified time, but when nothing appeared I assumed I’d misunderstood the meaning of PDT. Must be Permanent Dream Theory, I realised. My bad.

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