“Man! I.Am.Beat.” Me. One letter from the end of the alphabet.

Not beaten. Never beaten. Unless somebody finally comes after me with a cricket bat or a big freakin’ rock or something.

That’d suck big time.

Nah. I’m just tired. I had no idea how much time and mental energy it would take to keep you all entertained by “blogging”. But I’m kinda into it. Powerin’ up my brain. Sharin’ my undead unlife. Yeah, I’m gonna keep writing. But not every day because… rebel. Rebel zombie.

I figure once or twice a week is enough. Who knows – maybe I’ll figure out how I turned zombie, and I’ll let you know in a “blog post”. Maybe you’ll watch for ’em in your Reader. Maybe you’ll Like ’em, and Comment. Maybe you’ll even read ’em. But you know what?

I don’t effin care because… Zombie. Rebel zombie.

Think I’m gonna thaw some Shower Dude chunks for dinner. Get my undead synapses fired up for The Final Challenge – ZED.

See you on the other side.

Or not. It’s cool. Whatever.

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