Wait a Whoa…

“WTF?” Romero Russo following the 7:12 pm Mandatory Employee Meeting at Hot Times

Über kooky Viv must have been smokin’ something medicinal at 5:03 am, when she called that meeting. Or possibly chasin’ the dragon. I should have suspected something was up with a meeting time of 7:12, but when everybody showed up at 7:30, she was just locking up.

“I don’t know anything about any 7:12 pm meeting, mandatory or otherwise. Besides, you’re all late.” Viv when asked about the 7:12 pm Mandatory Employee Meeting

“But since you’re all here, come on inside. I have cookies.” Viv, probably channelling the Dark Side

Turns out Viv’s been innovating again. This time it involves doubling the work force and us working with a partner. Sucks to be a zombie. How can they afford to pay twice as many workers? What – are they cookin’ meth in the ovens? Harvesting organs? Supplying cannibals?

We’re supposed to meet our assigned partner tomorrow. Another mandatory meeting – this time with mandatory employees.

Good thing I have Shower Dude’s chunks in the freezer. It might be a while before I get that kind of opportunity again.

Some of us talked out in the parking lot afterward. Nobody’s very happy about it. The partners, not the parking lot. Everybody was kinda used to the autonomy. A couple people said they were gonna start looking for new jobs. One guy said he’d like to burn the place down. Somebody else suggest pulling a Gretel and tossing Viv into one of the ovens.

Only the drivers weren’t upset. Of course, they aren’t getting partners, either. But they say they’ll support a general strike if that’s what we decide. Seems like everybody wants to wait and see how tomorrow’s meeting shakes out, but I wonder how big a crimp a strike would put in Viv’s day.

She’d probably just sit there eating cookies – there were plenty left. Tyrell tried one and said he almost broke a tooth.

One good thing came out of the meeting: Viv said she suggested a new company name: Well Done!, and Gerrard turned it down. Well done, Gerrard.

Go ahead. Tell me she’s not smokin’ something.

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