Sycophants and Skepticism

Blogging 3

I promise: I am not gonna make my blog be a blog about blogging because that’s just an annoying waste of everybody’s time. Like songs about the band. Or a book about writing the book. Or talking about talking. There might be a time for each of those things, but who are you – Marshall McLuhan?

Yeah, I’ve only been doing this for about three weeks now, so maybe I haven’t learned all the etiquette and protocol the Established Bloggers think everybody should follow if they want to be part of the Blogging Community. Hey, you know what?

“I don’t effin’ care.” Romero Russo

I do my part. I read other people’s blogs to see what they have to say because, well… reciprocity. Some of them are hilarious. Or thoughtful. Or pompous. Or deluded. Or clever. Or generous. Or creative. Or such Sarlacc pits of self-promotion they reek of desperation. Some of them are beautiful. But some of them make me think of Sigourney Weaver’s character’s character in Galaxy Quest when she and the captain are dodging ridiculous obstacles on their way to the Omega 13:

“This episode was badly written! Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!” Gwen DeMarco as Lt. Tawny Madison, played by Sigourney Weaver

And a few of those sites give writing advice. smh

Curious observation: so many bloggers seem to suffer from depression, I’m starting think that’s the norm and there must be something wrong with me that my situation hasn’t triggered a chemical imbalance that would tip me into the abyss. Or maybe it’s just that people who are depressed agree that misery loves company, so they write to share their misery without having to share their company because they really don’t feel like socializing.

Whatever. It makes for depressing reading.

Anyway, no matter whose blog it is, the more followers a blogger has, the more suckophants sycophants flock to their comments. Fawning little toadies with their yes-men mentality and their empty praise and platitudes. Clamoring for attention.

But if you offer a thoughtful opinion that differs from the blogger’s, expect a sh*tstorm.

Here’s my point: Your opinion is welcome here. Agree or disagree; just do it honestly. No need for name-calling – let’s be civilized.

Can we agree on that? Are you ready to play? Great. Invite your friends, too. The more honest skeptics the better.

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