Pet Peeves

It seems most of my pet peeves nowadays are grammatical faux pas that didn’t use to bother me so much. Maybe they’ve have grown to ponderous proportions because this blogging thing has taken over my unlife and bad grammar is everywhere. Even in posts that are otherwise well-written expressions of intelligent thought.

You think I’m talking about yours, don’t you?

Here’s my list of the worst offenders. Bad grammar, not offending blogs. Your list may vary. Or maybe you don’t have a list. Then I might be talking about your blog. Minus the “well-written expressions of intelligent thought.”

  1. The word “literally”. Forget that it doesn’t have any relevant meaning anymore – thank you, OED – you just never need to use it. Never. Just don’t.
  2. “[Person]/that” as in, “the blogger that showed his grammatical ignorance…” should be: “the blogger who showed his grammatical ignorance…” Save that for the inanimate, like “the blog that stunk”.
  3. “Between you and I” is WRONG, people! It’s ALWAYS “Between you and me”. (Between is a preposition that takes the dative case. Am I the only one who paid attention in 7th grade English class?)
  4. “Different than”. NO. It’s “different from”. Exception: “He is more different from the norm than you are different from the norm.” And how often would you say something like that? I mean, really.

This stuff has got me even more hot and bothered than I thought it would. My heart rate’s up to 10 bpm – I gotta go cool down. This might be a good time to try a Slorpee. I’ve got maple syrup. I hope there’s ice.

11 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

    1. I get the feeling there are a lot of Brits who agree with you about 2. So sad. I’m curious – is there anything about my writing that particularly annoys you? Like it offends British literary sensibilities?

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  1. LOL. The who/that issue is everywhere — so much so that I’ve come to ignore it. Since English is not my mother tongue, probably a good thing I don’t mention errors to native English speakers/writers. Maple Slorpee sounds good. Now … we call it Slurpee here in SoCal. Just sayin’.

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    1. I’m in SoCal, too. In fact, that’s why I had to give it my own name – 7/11 might take exception to me using their name knowing the main ingredient is liquified brain. My rebellion doesn’t extend to expensive court battles over trademark infringement. Lol. (I came up with the idea during my E post. If you’re interested.)

      What’s your native language?

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