3 Day Quote Challenge, Day 1

Badges, I don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

I agreed to play because Sue Ranscht, who writes Space, Time, and Raspberries, is apparently my biggest fan. It’s cool to have a rabid fan (so far), and I think her writing is almost brilliant, but it’s kinda creepy, too. Not the writing part. The having a rabid fan part. So, thanks, Sue. I guess.

My theme is Unfortunate Quotes that Outlive Us. I, of course plan to have only fortunate quotes outlive me, so if somebody in the future attributes an unfortunate quote to me, you’ll know it’s a lie. The attribution. Not the quote; somebody probably really said the quote – just not me.

“I am not a crook.” Richard Milhouse Nixon, disgraced POTUS

Nixon 2
Then we didn’t have Richard Nixon to kick around any more.

They say there are rules to this challenge. I don’t effin’ care. I’ll post one quote a day for 3 days, but I won’t be challenging anyone else to do this. This chain letter stops here.

What? Dire consequences? What dire consequences? I’m a rebel. A rebel zombie. Bite me.

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