Men vs. GentleMen

If you were born with a penis, chances are you’ll grow up to be a man. Not necessarily – everybody knows that now, right?

So if you grow up to be a man – no matter what gender you started out as, you have a choice to make: Are you gonna be a bloke or a gentleman? That’s kinda like asking if you’re gonna be an asshat or a mensch, regardless of gender.

Lots of us seem to think it’s okay to be a bloke with the guys, but you hafta be a gentleman with the ladies – until you live together. Then lots of us turn back into asshats.

Like pumpkins at midnight.

Imho, this misguided belief is responsible for at least 93.6% of all break-ups and divorces. Argue if you want, but show me some statistics to disprove it.

Most of us know how to be gentlemen even if we don’t practice it. Mainly, it means thinking of somebody else and being respectful and considerate, right? Managing your anger. (How lame a human being are you if you haven’t developed the self-discipline required to do that?) Caring about how society treats other groups of people. (If nothing else, think about what you’d want for your mom. Or your sister. Or your daughter. Or your SO.)

I don’t wanna lecture you, so I’ll leave you with this:



Captain Jack Sparrow


Donald Drumpf

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