Wait a Whoa…

“WTF?” Romero Russo following the 7:12 pm Mandatory Employee Meeting at Hot Times

Über kooky Viv must have been smokin’ something medicinal at 5:03 am, when she called that meeting. Or possibly chasin’ the dragon. I should have suspected something was up with a meeting time of 7:12, but when everybody showed up at 7:30, she was just locking up.

“I don’t know anything about any 7:12 pm meeting, mandatory or otherwise. Besides, you’re all late.” Viv when asked about the 7:12 pm Mandatory Employee Meeting

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Sycophants and Skepticism

Blogging 3

I promise: I am not gonna make my blog be a blog about blogging because that’s just an annoying waste of everybody’s time. Like songs about the band. Or a book about writing the book. Or talking about talking. There might be a time for each of those things, but who are you – Marshall McLuhan?

Yeah, I’ve only been doing this for about three weeks now, so maybe I haven’t learned all the etiquette and protocol the Established Bloggers think everybody should follow if they want to be part of the Blogging Community. Hey, you know what?

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N is for Need

You’ll like this. I hear you’ll like the book, too. Even if you’re not usually a murder mystery fan.



Number 14 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

Now, we all know that writers need to write, but do readers need to read? Or rather, if the number of books available to them was a fraction of what it is, would their need still be satisfied? The answer is surely yes. So do they need One Green Bottle by Curtis Bausse? The answer is no. Hence my own need for an advert…

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